Bad real estate photos – a continuing series

These photos popped up while Your Guide was doing a Market Analysis for a listing appointment today.  I’ll be visiting clients to discuss their combined one bedroom plus next-door-studio unit later today.

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In these photos you can see the Realtor who has this unit listed took photos some time ago.  It is NEVER a good idea to leave old photos in your marketing as they can get stale.  And as this photo clearly demonstrates that there is SNOW on the ground, this listing is getting to be a year old since we haven’t experienced our first snowfall here in Chicago.  Yet.  (Close, though.)

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Since digital photos are (1) limitless and (2) free, you can bet that any agent worth his commission really would pay attention and come back out to the property to re-take photos.  I might have even walked across the street for this particular picture as the building entryway is rather gracious from a little farther away.

This one’s just simply bad.  Fussing with the exposure can lead to some pretty good results when taking photos of a dark room with very bright windows.

Even better:  Hire a professional photographer to take photos of multiple exposures, and use HDR to blend the different photos together so that BOTH the room, and the super-exposed windows show up perfectly!

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